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Ugandans cheer their country's new anti-gay laws, March 31, 2014. (AP  Photo/Rebecca Vassie)

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Anthony Edwards on the left, Scott Drnavich on the right with Ted Neeley in  “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Santa Barbara County Bowl directed by Gary  ...

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Country singer Ty Herndon says he started revealing his sexuality to  friends and family years ago

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Bill Maher and guest slam George Clooney over call for Beverly Hills Hotel  boycott

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Tony Abbott risks having same-sex marriage used against him electorally –  just as his Liberal Party once tried to use it against Labor. AAP/Mick  Tsikas


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How kevin spacey’s coming out fuels a dangerous myth about gay men and pedophilia. Mississippi governor signs law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people. Australia gay marriage: liberal maverick warren entsch introduces private member’s bill to legalize same-sex unions. . Andrew m. cuomo at the bill-signing friday with thomas k. duane, second from right, the senate’s only openly gay member. credit nathaniel brooks for the new …. From franklin graham to tony campolo, some evangelical leaders are splitting over gay marriage. Family research council lobbied congress on resolution denouncing ugandan anti-gay bill – cbs news. Video player loading. Mike pence’s position on gay rights over the years. Tony abbott raises his hands up near his chest. he is frowning and looking down. Former australian prime minister tony abbott reacts during debate of the marriage amendment bill in the. Tony kushner, at peace? not exactly. but close.tony kushner, at peace? not exactly. but close.. Colorado lawmakers approve civil unions for gay couples. Tony abbott spend most of thursday in the chamber arguing passionately during the debate on the. . Tony abbott verdict exaggerated colour bar one quarter green, three quarters orange. Trump adviser tony perkins just got a global license to spread his anti-lgbt hate. George christensen is seen outside the chamber during the same-sex marriage vote.. Tony cook is joined by state reps. ed delaney,. Tony abbott has made claims about marriage and also warned mps not to cross the floor. . This ‘gay’ exchange between bill clinton and tony blair has us scratching our heads. . . . Bill nighy: ‘i’m not in any trouble, everybody can relax’. Marriage equality: tony abbott weighed down no campaign, poll shows. Mayoral candidate tony hall (photo: bill wilson). Jack black summarises tony abbott’s opposition to gay marriage: ‘he sounds like a nutter’. . Thursday december 07, 2017 tony abbott speaks during debate in the house of representatives today. photo: aap/lukas coch. Magda szubanski celebrates legalising same-sex marriage.. Kevin spacey. . Frank sinatra has a cold. by gay talese. Australia to introduce same-sex marriage bill this summer. Joe hockey and tony abbott. Anthony gay was sentenced to prison in 1994 for stealing a dollar bill and a hat. In january, rhode island state representative frank ferri (center left) and his partner. . Family research council lobbied congress on resolution denouncing ugandan anti-gay bill – cbs news. Nba referee bill kennedy announces he’s gay following rajon rondo using slur. Video thumbnail. After revolutionizing west coast theater, bill rauch takes his inclusive vision to new york. Tony abbott and john howard will campaign against same-sex marriage in the postal plebiscite. Italian prime minister matteo renzi looks on during a joint news conference with iraqi prime minister. Tony kushner: ‘to love someone puts you at the risk of loss’. . Dayton gives thumbs up. Australian prime minister malcolm turnbull is under pressure over the marriage equality issue. picture:. Photo: former prime minister tony abbott joined his family on stage for group photos after the ceremony. (supplied: dean bentick). (from left) tony taylor virginia gay and anthony gooley in calamity jane. photo. #himtoo: senator cory booker accused of sexual assault by gay man. Tony perkins. . Bill clark/getty. Judge william pryor posed nude for a gay magazine?. Mitch mcconnell appoints violently anti-lgbtq activist tony perkins to united states commission on international religious freedom | glaad. Anthony hopkins: ‘most of this is nonsense, most of this is a lie’ | film | the guardian. Justice anthony kennedy’s tolerance is seen in his sacramento rootsjustice anthony kennedy’s tolerance is seen in his sacramento roots. Trump adviser tony perkins says ‘circumstances’ made pete buttigieg gay. . Did oklahoma pass a bill making it legal to deny lgbt adoptions?. . Partners kiss at gay marriage. Is anthony kennedy ‘the first gay justice’?. Tony blair has been named top gay icon of the last 30 years by the gay. Bill graham (canadian politician). Justice anthony kennedy is retiring and all hell is about to break loose. Trump calls himself a champion of gay rights. hang on a second. – mother jones. Trent zimmerman, waving a rainbow flag and grinning from ear to ear, has his. Film director george cukor. Crowds cheer marriage bill. . . Anthony hopkins: ‘most of this is nonsense, most of this is a lie’ | film | the guardian. Tony dungy. Mike morrell stands outside the mansion built in the 1970s for evangelists tony and susan alamo. morrell said he would like to see the mansion fixed up and …. House of representatives chamber for the vote for same-sex marriage. ‘he was a gay guy who won’: why i wrote a play about ice-skating genius john curry. Two women in navy formal attire pose together in a garden with happy smiles. Anthony edwards loaned bret nighman his rugby shirt for this photo shoot. bret’s agent didn’t want to use this photo but he insisted because he was wearing …. . Tony parker says he’s ‘hurt’ he couldn’t show spurs he can still play. Family research council president tony perkins testifies before the senate state, foreign operations subcommittee on march 11, 2015.. . A black and white photo of a youthful tony abbott handing out flyers. Kellogg gets criticism, support for gay pride ad. Pop singer ricky martin declared publicly in march 2010 what he avoided discussing for years.. Some practical thoughts on gay marriage after anthony kennedy’s retirement.