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Three Carolina Panthers players told SB Nation at the NFL Pro Bowl that  they would have no problem with an openly gay teammate.

What NFL players do during the off season

This week Missouri football player Michael Sam announced he is gay. Sam  just finished his

What NFL players do during their off season

LGBT angles for the NFL playoffs

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There have been 11 known gay players in NFL history

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A few Miami Dolphins players kneel during the national anthem.

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14 nfl pro bowlers say they would welcome a gay teammate. A.j. bouye mark j. rebilas-usa today sports. Image: michael sam at the 2014 nfl combine. . The weird dwight howard saga shows the nba still has a problem with the closet. ‘life’s great now’ for ryan o’callaghan, the ex-nfl player who came out as gay. Photo by joe toth. Michael sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the nfl, has told the. . Michael sam says there are ‘a lot’ of gay players in nfl. Nfl draft prospect michael sam comes out; hollywood, athletes applaud his decision. Sam runs onto the field january 25, 2014, before the ncaa senior bowl in. . Michael sam said gay nfl players confided in him. Michael sam says gay nfl players ‘do not have the same courage’ to come out. . Will michael sam’s coming out hurt draft chances?. Sb nation. Former nfl quarterback drew bledsoe said everything will “be fine” for an openly gay professional football player. while being interviewed on huffpostlive, …. Retired nfl player scott fujita says the news of a gay nfl player coming out of the closet will make more news outside the locker room than inside it.. Jurrell casey has talked lovingly about his lgbtq family members. photo by christian petersen/getty images. . Take two® | the marketing power of gay nfl player michael sam | 89.3 kpcc. . Former university of missouri star michael sam was selected by the st. louis rams in. . . All teams in nfl playoffs have gay-supportive players or coaches. 5 gay athletes who are out and proud. Brendon ayanbadejo claims 4 gay nfl players considering coming out. Mls adds measures to protect gay players. Closeted gay athletes see what happened to sam, and if they are average players fighting to keep their jobs on a roster, they are going to clam up and hide …. Fred smoot says he encountered ‘several’ gay players in the nfl and that ‘everyone knew’. Loons midfielder martin comes out publicly that he’s gay – While female professional athletes like basketball star diana taurasi have come out, their male counterparts have stayed silent.. . Michael sam is participating at the veteran’s combine for a chance back in the nfl. dilip vishwanat/stringer/getty images …. Even the conservative lobbyist hyping a ban on gay nfl players admits it’s a pr stunt. Gay mls player, formerly closeted nfl player speak out on sam. John middlebrook/cal sport media. Four mystery nfl players may be ready to come out of the closet. . Katie sowers. Michael sam makes nfl history: the first openly gay player drafted by the st. louis rams. Banning gay players from nfl is absurd. Source – michael sam made history in becoming the first openly gay player drafted into the nfl. but he insists he does not stand alone.. 22 nov 1998: quarterback troy aikman #8 of the dallas cowboys in action during. Manti-teo.jpg. Aaron rodgers explains why gay nfl players fear coming out. . Alex mack kirby lee-usa today sports. . Michael sam says other closeted nfl players ‘reached out’ to him. Michael sam tells oprah ‘there’s lots of gay players in nfl’. Though competition on the field is fierce, teammates and opponents often embrace afterward.. . Just last year, michael sam became the first openly gay player to be drafted into the nfl. (out in the fields). 18 for ’18: college football’s fastest players. Openly gay former middle tennessee state kicker alan gendreau is making another run at nfl history, after a rocky senior season ruined his shot at getting …. Mls player collin martin came out as homosexual on twitter (youtube). . Nfl free agent news tracker: seahawks don’t want tebow, gay players may not be coming out soon. Brendon ayanbadejo. New survey of nfl players shows the majority aren’t anti-gay. Photo: jeff rohrer, left, a former nfl player, and joshua ross kiss. Candice wiggins: i was bullied for being straight in ‘98% gay’ wnba. Tight end rufus warren of the mississippi state bulldogs celebrates a win. he told nfl. Former nba center jason collins hopes more league players come forward with support for the lgbt community. collins shared his thoughts during a panel for …. Golden state warriors guard stephen curry walks off the court after a game against the denver nuggets in february. usa today sports/reuters. Brendon ayanbadejo: 4 gay nfl players could come out together. Podcast: how ready is the nfl for a gay player?. … gay acknowledged failing a drug test. he is believed to have used a cream provided by an anti-aging specialist whose clients include several nfl players …. . . Meet jack burkman, the republican lobbyist trying to ban gay players from the nfl. Finally out in the nfl. Some buffalo bills players take a knee during the national anthem before a game against the. The nfl already had two gay players 20 years ago. Nfl players ready to welcome gay teammates. . Michael sam: gay nfl players have reached out to him. Image: mls: la galaxy at montreal impact. Minnesota united midfielder collin martin comes out as gay. . Michael sam says he is gay: nfl players react. Incognito-martin report says nfl must improve ‘tolerant atmosphere’ for gay players. Up to four nfl players could come out as gay. Steve smith’s takedown of greg hardy means players’ pushback on domestic violence is real · nfl. Michael sam: ‘a lot’ of gay players in nfl. Chicago thunder players strike a unified pose during gay bowl xviii, which took place from.