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EMD Exact Match Domain PMD Partial Match Domain Analysis. Raptors Backlink Analysis Tool. Backlinks are arguably the most important component in Googles ranking algorithm, because back links deliver all of the authority that a website has. As such it is pivotal to a websites success to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your backlink profile.
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Get more than just a list of Backlinks. We analyse the backlinks of a website and provide the insights such as total backlinks count, domain score, trust score, anchor text, follow and nofollow backlinks and recommendations for improvement. Size up your competitor. See your competitors backlinks and top partnerships. Identify your websites most recently lost backlinks. Find unwanted and harmful backlinks. See your competitors top anchor texts to learn what product or service theyre most associated with by their backlinks. Identify your competitors latest backlinks in the past month. Big reason to perform Backlinks Audit. Search Engines consider a backlink from an authoritative website as a sign of trust and uses the quantity and quality of backlinks and referring domains to estimate the trustworthiness of a webpage. This is a reason you need to perform backlinks audit on a regular basis. ReportGarden, an effective backlink audit tool, reveals the risky links and shows how you can enhance your SEO in just one click.
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The data also shows the top 5 anchors listed on the basis of their usability. Get Top 5 Most Popular Pages: It tells you about the top five pages with maximum backlinks. Top Features of Ahrefs Backlink checker. Get domain and page-level metrics for any website, URL, or subsection. Monitor the fluctuations of the backlink profiles. Check the detailed backlink report of every page linking to the target. Get organic traffic estimates of each linking web page and referring domain. Get reports of every linking page through the referring domain. 2 Ubersuggest Link Checker. Neil Patel, in the modern online marketing industry, needs no introduction. Whereas he is known for his blogs, his SEO tools like backlink checkers are equally interesting to check out. The tool is available for free, and moreover, the data displayed here is extremely easy to understand. Register yourself for free and get more keyword suggestions, daily rank tracking, and personalized SEO suggestions. How to Check Backlinks Using Ubersuggest Link Checker?
Backlink-Analyse: Die große SEO-Checkliste zur Qualitätsbewertung.
10 Linkbuilding Tipps von Matt Cutts / Google. Bedeutung für den Backlink-Aufbau und SEO. Kriterien für die Backlink-Bewertung. Grob gesagt sollten Links heute eine Daseinsberechtigung haben, die über das Linkbuilding hinausgeht. Minderwertige Webkataloge, Linkfarmen und Artikelverzeichnisse können Sie sich also ersparen. Im Folgenden erhalten Sie eine Unterteilung nach förderlichen und schädlichen Links, sowie solchen, die schlicht und ergreifend nicht in die Bewertung einfließen werden. Die folgenden Merkmale charakterisieren heutzutage einen starken Backlink.: Themenrelevanz: Der Großteil Ihrer Links muss von einer thematisch verwandten Domain stammen. Alles andere ist in Mengen unnatürlich. Denn warum sollten themenfremde Domains von Ihnen berichten? Hochwertiger Inhalt: Es zählt allerdings nicht nur, inwiefern eine linkgebende Domain themenrelevant ist, sondern auch, dass der dortige Inhalt hochwertig ist. Das gilt insbesondere für den Content, in welchen der Link eingebettet ist. Land, Sprache TLD: Grundsätzlich gilt, dass eine Domain im eigenen Land eher verlinkt wird. Insbesondere sollte die Sprache dieselbe sein. Ausnahme sind hier komplexere Themen, für die beispielsweise wenig Quellen in der eigenen Sprache vorhanden sind, oder solche Seiten, die international aufgebaut sind.
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But you still need to export this data and do some magic in Excel to see how many sites have the same IP. Finally, Moz and CognitiveSEO dont provide any information about these metrics. The Ratio of Referring Domains vs Backlinks. The following two numbers are mandatory. When I evaluate the quality of a sites backlink profile, I always look at the ratio of domains and the total number of backlinks it has. This metric shows if the backlink profile is organic, or, in other words, isnt comprised of spammy links. For example, a domain has 1000, referring domains with 100000, backlinks. These numbers look very suspicious, so you need to stay alert to such red flags. All tools will show the number of referring domains and backlinks on their main sites overview dashboard. Below are a few screenshots that will give you an idea. Ahrefs main dashboard offers a lot of helpful of metrics.: Additionally, if you open a report with all referring domains, Ahrefs will let you filter out domains that have the largest number of backlinks. You can then export them into a file and manually check if any of them are toxic.
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Go to Backlink Analysis. Backlink dashboard with the key figures. The Seobility backlink dashboard provides an overview of the current development of backlinks for your domain along with the most important information on the backlink profile. All backlinks are listed in a clearly arranged order with the indication of the link source, link target and link type, nofollow/follow, etc.
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However, unlike Ahrefs, SEMRush does not offer a free standalone tool. Despite this, there are many advantages to the premium option. For instance, email outreach to site owners can be conducted within SEMRush, including gathering contact details and sending emails to request unwanted backlinks are removed. Backlink Analysis: What to do Next. One goal of backlink analysis is to identify toxic backlinks, which you do not want to point towards your site. Once you have found these, you have two options for cleaning up your backlink profile.: Asking the site administrator to remove the links to your site., Informing Google that you do approve of poor backlinks, and that you dont want to be associated with them. While the former option is more effective, it isnt always feasible. For one things, its normally difficult to reach the owners of disreputable sites. Even when you can get in touch, its still difficult to convince them to remove a link to your site. Lets look at what you should do if you find yourself in this situation. How to Disavow Toxic Backlinks.
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website rating metrics which are proprietary for every data provider. Majestic shows you URL Trust Flow and URL Citation Flow.; link status which shows whether the backlink is dofollow, nofollow or toxic. What are toxic links? Toxic links are links to your website from spam websites, link farms, virus and malware websites or networks created only for link building. This usually happens when someone wants to achieve a sudden rank boost and tries to buy links from shady people. This is a really harmful method that may end with a Google penalty. How do I do link building in a safe way? With WebCEO, you'll' have access only to the safe link building techniques. A Competitor Backlink Spy, a Content Submission tool, a Buzz Tracker and a DIY SEO checklist all these tools will be a great help for you to build high quality backlinks. To keep your backlinks clean and non-toxic, the Backlink Profile and Partner Links Watch tools go a long way.
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If it's' a powerful website that you care about, you can quickly reach out to the webmaster and ask for a new link. The Backlink Profiler BLP is a great link analysis tool that allows you to select the SEO metrics that matter to you out of 97 SEO metrics.

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